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We are always looking for new girls, guys, and divas  to grace our ads, catalogs,
and web site. Even if a photoshoot doesn't work out, we may want to use your
submission for artwork or our website, so don't submit anything you're not ok with us
using. If you think your look fits our image, send your photos, tell us what city you
live in, and provide a phone number so we can reach you. Most photoshoots are
in San Diego and Los Angeles. Only select models will be contacted but we've
found some great models and photographers through these submissions.

Send an e-mail to: (Please attach the photos. Do not
send Zip files, Pintrest, Snapchat, Facebook, Photobucket, Instagram, Twitter and
other similar links.)Use this form to contact us about becoming a model, current
modeling jobs,  company products and services.
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